Our Offerings

Light Roast

Perfect for iced coffee, our light roast has a sweet, tea-like taste.

Medium Roast

This full-bodied coffee with a nutty flavor makes a great morning blend.

Dark Roast

Bold, smooth, and sweet, this whole bean coffee doubles up on the caffeine.

FreshAF Pods

When you need it quick and strong, try our single serve dark roast pods.

… All the Freshness…


We would love to cater your next event!  We offer a variety of options, including standard coffee service in your choice of roasts, iced coffee, pastry platters, and more.  Complete our quote form for details.


CoffeeFreshAF offers premium coffee at an affordable price. With CoffeeFreshAF, you get a bona fide bag of freshly roasted coffee shipped directly to your door. Ranging from single-origin coffee beans to specialty blends, the coffee is packed by experts with years of experience.

Our coffee is micro-roasted, which is considered by many to be the best. The processes used to create this coffee variety are calculated to bring out the best in the coffee beans used in this technique. This type of coffee is rich in flavor and is unmatched by many traditional store-bought brands.

There are no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals used in growing or production, which means cleaner beans, air, land, and water.

From the Owner

CoffeeFreshAF offers high-quality coffee, ranging from single origin coffee beans to specialty blends, at an affordable price.

What sets CoffeeFreshAF apart from other coffee brands?  Our net profits from sales go towards school supplies at the CEM Quinzambougou Middle School in West Africa!

Being a mother of two and an avid coffee drinker, I value good quality coffee. I also value education. I am honored to be a part of this collaboration at the CEM Quinzambougou College of Tambacounda, West Africa!

Shonta Dabney

Coffee is not our only obsession.

Buy Coffee & Provide Educational Supplies

We are also devoted to education.

With every purchase of CoffeeFreshAF, you are contributing toward improving education in West Africa!

Due to limited resources at the CEM Quinzambougou Middle School in Tambacounda (Sénégal), CoffeeFreshAF helps provide school supplies and learning materials to students in need.

Aim at education by buying your coffee from CoffeeFreshAF!

Meet: Youssouph

Youssouph is a teacher at the CEM Quinzambougou Middle School. Not only does he teach history and geography, but he also coordinates activities to help disadvantaged adolescents in the region. Youssouph is very active in the community, and it is a great pleasure to have him on our team!