Coffee Grinder


1-2 grade: Espresso
2-3 grade: Moka pot
3-4 grade: Pour-over & Chemex
4-5 grade: French press
5-6 grade: Cold brew coffee



UPGRADE YOUR COFFEE EXPERIENCE – CoffeeFreshAF coffee bean grinder comes with 6 particular settings so that you can set a specific grind for your favorite style of brew. Delivering grind levels better than an electric coffee grinder.

EASY GRINDING – The gears grind smoothly making it easy to use for an extended period of time. The ergonomic design handle perfectly fits in the palm of your hand. Enjoy the fun process of grinding coffee beans. No batteries, power cords needed to operate your grinder.

HIGH QUALITY CERAMIC GRINDING BURR – Compared with stainless steel burr, ceramic burr has the advantages of being washable, odorless and non-heating during grinding, which can better maintain the original flavor of coffee beans.

LOAD AND STORE – The easy to load hopper holds 20 grams of fresh coffee beans

EASY TO CLEAN – Burr coffee grinder can be cleaned by brush or water.


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