About us

CoffeeFreshAF offers premium coffee at an affordable price. With CoffeeFreshAF, you get a bona fide bag of freshly roasted coffee shipped directly to your door. Ranging from single-origin coffee beans to specialty blends, the coffee is packed by experts with years of experience.

Our coffee is micro-roasted, which is considered by many to be the best. The processes used to create this coffee variety are calculated to bring out the best in the coffee beans used in this technique. This type of coffee is rich in flavor and is unmatched by many traditional store-bought brands.

There are no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals used in growing or production, which means cleaner beans, air, land, and water.

Buy Coffee & Support the Kansas City Community

CoffeeFreshAF is raising funds for Strawberry Swing KC by Generating Income For Tomorrow. Join me in supporting economic prosperity for the African American community in Kansas City through the expansion of black-owned businesses in the Urban Core.